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External assesor Motorola
Thesis at Master Interaction Design
Domus Academy, Milan, 2006
My role: Service & Interaction Designer

A- On Always On

A-On is an interactive Digital Service (DS) mobile app.
The system allows users (technomads) to tune with family, friends and contacts all around the world in order to feel mutual presence.

A-On encourages users and contacts to feel each other presence and maintaining a bond between people in the distance. The users tcan share with contacts music, video and pictures and with its “Presence display ” will show the contacts presence.

A-On system favours INFORMAL communication over formal communication; with A-On, the user will show to contacts its “Virtual Presence ”.  
*Technomads  (Roberts, 1988), are nomadic people who is constantly communicating  with their families  and friends through any kind of mobile technology.

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Liliana Rodriguez

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